Wireless Internet the Way it Should be!

When it comes to the service it delivers, there are many things that sets Exede apart from the competition. Unlimited satellite internet access every night, consistently exceeding its speed promises, continual improvement of technology and more have helped to put Exede at the forefront when it comes to wireless internet service.

Satellite Internet With NO Limits!

Data caps are one of the biggest downsides to satellite internet but Exede makes it much more workable by giving users unlimited satellite Internet access every night during the Free Zone. During this period of unmetered usage you get a 5 hour block of time during overnight off-peak usage time to do whatever you want to do online.

  • Upload photos and videos.
  • Download apps, software and updates.
  • Do blog postings.
  • Stream music or video.
  • Schedule backups.
surfing with Exede wireless internet image

Even if you’ve used up all your monthly data, you still get to use the Free Zone every night so you’re never completely out of data, despite the government regulated data limit imposed on satellite internet users.

Award-Winning Wireless Internet through Exede

Exede has been in the wireless internet business for a quarter of a century. Over the years Exede has won awards for consistently excelling when it comes to technology. It has been recognized for product excellence, innovation and as a World Record holder for having the satellite with the highest capacity.
Exede’s most impressive achievement however, was being ranked number 1 amongst other wireless internet service providers in the nation for delivering or surpassing the internet speeds it advertises. This top ranking was in both 2013 and 2014 and compared Exede with other types of wireless internet service providers, including cable, DSL and fiber.

Best Internet Speeds. Always.

Exede plans are differentiated by the amount of metered data that a customer has each month. However, top wireless internet speeds are the same for EVERY plan – 12 Mbps for downloads and 3 Mbps for uploads. This is very different from the competition, in which the highest speeds are reserved for the biggest and most costly data plans. Exede believes that every customer deserves to enjoy the best wireless internet service it can deliver.
When you have the top speed available in your area, you can do all the things you have dreamed of online.

  • Enjoy the instant connection of social media.
  • Shop online anytime you want.
  • Web surf for fun or as an easy resource.
  • Send and receive emails without frustration.
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Exede is available in about 80% of the country, which means even if you are in a rural area, high speed, wireless internet CAN be yours. Call us at to check, and to get all your questions answered. Our team of satellite Internet specialists will be happy to talk with you, help you choose the best plan for your needs and get you scheduled for installation. In no time, you can be enjoying the fast, wireless internet service you’ve wanted for years. Make the call today.